Spotlight On: Jessica Ricker

Thought Convergence recently lost one of its most… entertaining employees and we felt the need to do our own exit interview with her. Jessica Ricker, TCI’s Technical Writer, left the sunny beaches of California to return to her hometown of Boston, MA. If we never questioned her sanity while she was working here, we certainly do now. Either way, she will be sincerely missed and never replaced. Below is the quick question/answer session we had with her:

CR: How long did you work for TCI?
Jess: 16 months.

CR: Did you attend any T.R.A.F.F.I.C conferences?
Jess: Yes, I went to T.R.A.F.F.I.C Las Vegas and it was RIDICULOUS!

CR: What did you learn about the industry?
Jess: EVERYTHING. I have learned what a domain IS, what the domain industry is, how many different facets there are to it. There’s so much you can do with a domain! You can monetize, or lease it, or sell it in an auction. I’m an advertisement for TCI right now.

CR: What will you miss the most?
Jess: Awww the peeeople. How cool everybody is. And the coffee machine. And the sushi – the endless sushi around this place.

CR: Tips for potential domainers?
Jess: Read the emails that TCI sends out! We actually have some valuable information in those. Don’t be so mean in the forums, people work really hard at and they’re not given enough credit. Focus more on the positive and if you have suggestions then suggest them, no one ever got anywhere being mean.

Thank you for a wonderful 16 months Jess! Good luck back in Boston. Now comment on our blog!

As always, it’s a gorgeous LA day (do these ever stop? no? great!) and we hope that everyone is planning an eventful weekend and having a spectacular Friday the 13th (click for fun facts)!

The Client Relations Team:
Mauli, Corona, Veronica, and Lizzy

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  1. Carron says:

    Jess is extremely talented and I’ll miss her dearly!

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