Spotlight On: Kate Faucher

Dear TrafficZ Clients and Employees and those of you who have stumbled upon our blog, In the face of an economic crisis, Thought Convergence is doing something that few other companies attempt to do; HIRING PEOPLE. Now don’t get all excited, this isn’t a call for employees. However, we wanted to bring attention to our [...]

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Spotlight On: Allan Manangan!

After another busy week (seriously folks, what’s the deal) at TCI, we wanted to bring you levity and some fun facts about someone who you may not know a lot about! There’s a behind-the-scenes process that happens when we figure out that there is a bug in our system. We all would like to believe [...]

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Spotlight On: Jessica Ricker

Thought Convergence recently lost one of its most… entertaining employees and we felt the need to do our own exit interview with her. Jessica Ricker, TCI’s Technical Writer, left the sunny beaches of California to return to her hometown of Boston, MA. If we never questioned her sanity while she was working here, we certainly [...]

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