Getting to Know Your CR Team!

Hello clients, employees, other… Well now that we’ve got a few posts in about the company itself, we hope that you’re starting to get a grasp of what TrafficZ is about and where it’s going. In an industry that is constantly growing and changing, we understand that there are going to be questions and a variety [...]

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Disclaimer: I shall do my very best to deliver a “meaty” blog post so that our CR vegetarian, Mauli, isn’t making false promises to our vast numbers of readers. After speaking with Laura about Domainer Mardi Gras (see earlier blog post) as an entire conference, we really wanted to get some more details about the [...]

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Yahoo: The Corporate Underdog

It appears that many of the companies that are ones to watch for signs of an upswing in the economy have many qualities in common. They are smaller, number two or three behind the big companies, as smart as the top dogs, strong, edgy, quality, fighters, innovative, and have integrity.

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Tip of the Month: Inspiration Marches Forth

It’s Album Side Wednesday on 100.3 on the radio so I’m taking full of advantage of my drive to work.” I Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier” off of Imagine by John Lennon is pumping into my ears and springing ideas into my mind that are not so music related.

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Spotlight On: Jessica Ricker

Thought Convergence recently lost one of its most… entertaining employees and we felt the need to do our own exit interview with her. Jessica Ricker, TCI’s Technical Writer, left the sunny beaches of California to return to her hometown of Boston, MA. If we never questioned her sanity while she was working here, we certainly [...]

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